Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jewish Slaves in Egypt

Today we learned about how people from Israel were slaves for the Egyptian Pharaoh. There were different types of slaves. There were garden slaves, house slaves, building slaves and many other different types of slaves. Moses and Aaron went to see the Pharaoh and asked him to let the Jews go. The Pharaoh would not. So blood replaced the water and killed all the fish. It also brought a horrible smell. Moses and Aaron went to see the Pharaoh again and asked him to let the Jews go. The Pharaoh still had the same answer. But the answer was still no. So God covered Egypt with frogs. The Pharaoh must not have liked frogs. But once God cleared the frogs the Pharaoh changed his mind. Then God sent gnats but the Pharaoh did the same thing. He did the same things with the flies and locusts, But not anymore. Then God said to Moses: "This time lead the Jews out of it. Get the angel of death to kill the first born in every family. Tell the Jewish people to have lamb for dinner and put the blood on the doorpost so the angel of death will pass over them".
That night the angel of death killed the first born in every family except the Jewish slave families. A night later the Pharaoh's own son had been killed. The Pharaoh approached Moses this time and said "Leave this land and never come back and take your slaves with you".
The slaves began their journey but the Pharaoh and the army followed them. God said to Moses : "Hold out your staff and water will move." So Moses did and the water moved so that all the slaves got past. Once all the slaves were through ,the water came back and drowned the Pharaoh and the army. It took around forty years to make it through the waters and desserts but in the end they made it through.

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