Monday, November 29, 2010

Retirement at Our Lady of Mercy N.S.

Mrs. Flynn With Pupils On Her Retirement
Mrs. Flynn was working in this school for many years and this summer she decided to retire. On the last day of the school year we had a gathering in the school playground so everyone could say “goodbye”. A lot of people came. We were delighted with the amount of people who knew her and came to the school. Mrs Flynn was shocked with the turn-up. She got a plaque with the school crest on it. The crest was of a big cross and divided into four parts. One was of a hurley and sliotar, a second was of a sea and hills, another was of a nun and the last one was of a book with a feather and ink. She really loved it. She also got a bunch of flowers from the sixth class who were leaving for secondary school. Mrs Flynn was really happy but at the same time she was a bit upset because she was leaving the school! A message to you: “Mrs Flynn, you are really missed”. We are looking forward to seeing you the next time you are around.
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  1. Really well done Kayleigh. Exellent work and the picture is really nice...!!!!!


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