Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Zoo In The Stradbally Area

My name is Abby and I am in 5th class. I have eleven dogs and seven pups. The pups are five months old. They all have different breeds. For example Guss is a Scottish Deerhound and so is Sally. Willow Jack and Ripple are Great Danes. Molly, Penny, Blade, Charlie are Lurchers. Ruby is a Boxer. Ell and Jay are Yorkshire Terriers and Oz is a Terrier. There are five girls and two boys. Here are their names: Willow, Guss, Ruby, Blade, Molly, Sally, Penny, Ell, Charlie, Jay and Oz. And now here are the puppies names: Ripple, Jack and the other 5 have no names yet. Everyday my nan and I bring all of the dogs up the fields for their daily walk. It is great fun. When we are back we steep their feed, we feed the puppies and finally we feed the bigger dogs. My aunty Lauren picked all the dogs names but my nanny named Ripple and Jack as her dogs. We feed them nuts and bread. All the dogs are outside dogs so they love being outside.
Posted by A.D.


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