Friday, December 17, 2010

Barron Hall in Stradbally Officially Opened October 2010

The Barron hall was built in 1806. It was to be used as the new school in Stradbally and was paid for by Pierse Barron of Faha. It was to be a school to educate the poor in the parish. After the Barron hall closed its door as a school in 1966 it was used for about 20 years as a place for concerts, card drives, discos, meetings and in later years it was used for girl-guides and brownies. On the 6 June 2007 a committee was set up called The Barron Community Hall Stradbally Limited. The purpose of this committee was to apply for funding to restore the hall to its original glory. On the 29 October 2010 the hall was officially opened by Julian Walton who is best known for his spot on W.L.R.F.M called “On This Day”. The hall has been restored to its original condition and the small windows have been enlarged with arches above them. The toilets have been updated and the stage which was used for many productions has been restored. In future years it is hoped that the Barron Hall will be used by everyone in Stradbally for different purposes.
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