Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stradbally School Gymnastics Programme 2010

Gymnastics Really Is Good Fun
For six weeks each year over past two years Kenny and Mikey have been doing gymnastics with us. It is great fun. We do all sorts of things. We do handstands, cartwheels, donkey kicks, head stands and shoulder roll. It is only €1! They come every Friday for 6 weeks. Kenny is the man in charge but Mikey does the instructions. They bring blue mats so we don't hurt ourselves. Rachael had to do instructions one day because she knew how to do the headstand (elephant stand). They work for DKMT Sports. Thanks Kenny and Mikey! We appreciate you coming to do gymnastics with us!
Posted by RM, Senior Classes.


  1. very good girls..!!!

  2. Looks like everbody had fun at gymnastics!

  3. Fun fun fun!! gymnastics is so fun!

  4. Kenny and Mikie were really good.!! :D


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