Monday, December 20, 2010

Stradbally Senior Classes Nativity Play 2010

Last Friday the 17th December, we had our nativity play. Everybody was in the play. Kayleigh was the Narrator, Tara was Zoe the hairdresser, Abby was Mrs. Betson, Rachael was Sarah the mother of Samuel, Rebekah was Samuel, while Clodagh was Amos, the father of Samuel. The proprietors were Emily and Louise; the Sheperds were Sheena, Zoe and Natasha, as Anna played the part of the very stubborn Danielle. Aine was excellent as Danielle's mother, Taylor was Jacob, and Chloe was Ruth. Kate, Sarah and Katelynn were the three wise kings, and finally at very end Tara and Emily were Mary and Joseph.
Rebekah sang the first verse of Silent Night and Chloe sang the second verse. Rachael sang “In the Arms of an Angel” at the end of the play. Thanks to the parents in the Parents Association who made tea and provided the bikkies for the others parents! We hope everybody had a great day. Thanks also to Martina for letting her little daughter baby Roisin go into the crib to be Jesus.
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  1. Great story Rachael

  2. i was in that play and it was great fun and Róisín was so cute


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