Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stradbally School Technology

The Dell computer is very good for typing and playing games. We got the Dell computer last year and it is very useful for the internet. We have gotten very involved in the internet this year with websites like:, and our own website. We have other computers as well. We have the white computer which is our oldest and the best for internet! We have done a lot of typing for the newsletter on that computer. We also have an SESE programme on that computer. We have a laptop that I am typing on right now, which is the laptop that connects to the whiteboard and is the computer we use to type our Irish Conversations. We got a new laptop on Monday and it is really nice. It’s a Toshiba one and is lovely. It has a really nice keyboard but everybody is a bit obsessed at the moment with the iPad and the Netbook which is going to be in the newsletter later on. Last but not least is the laptop Mr de Burca brings into the school which is very important for the internet and the newsletter. This computer is on Mr de Búrca’s desk. That’s all our computers.
Shared Computing Server Installed By HCS Business Solutions
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