Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Young Actors In Stradbally

Ms. Hogan does some drama with us up to Easter. We do lots of fun and creative things. We do drama every Friday.  Mrs. Hogan also teaches Rebekah and Taylor at Encore Stage Academy.  We go in around 2:15pm. She is very nice. We do plays, poems and games with her. The play the older classes are doing a play called Backstage Bedlam. It is so fun to do! The pupils are split in two groups. Here are the 1st group’s parts:
Nervous: Rebekah
Smart: Chloe
Silly: Tara
Agitated: Rachael
Terrified: Clodagh
Cool and Collected: Abby
Assertive: Natasha, Sarah and Emily
Here are the 2nd group’s parts:
Nervous: Áine
Smart: Katelynn
Agitated: Anna
Terrified: Kayleigh
Cool and Collected: Taylor
Assertive: Louise , Zoe  and Sheena

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