Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Swim In Stradbally Cove 2010

The Christmas Swim was held in Stradbally Cove this year. A lot of people turned up to watch and others came to swim. Rachael, Chloe and Sheena from our school were doing the swim. It started at 12 noon and when it was finished some of the adults had soup made for the swimmers to warm them up. There was a Santa down at the beach, collecting money for the charity. They were collecting money for St. Joseph's Hospital in Dungarvan. The soccer club held this swim and they were trying to have as many people swimming without a wetsuit! Rachael and Sheena didn't wear a wetsuit but Chloe did! There were only seven children doing the swim. Three had wetsuits on and four had no wetsuits! Most adults were brave enough not to wear a wetsuit but there were some women who said they had to wear one! We hope everyone had a lovely day at the swim and had a great Christmas!  Posted by RM, Senior Classes


  1. Who is Chrissie? I don't know any Chrissie.

  2. I loved your story.

  3. You were allowed wear a wetsute.

  4. Well done to all the people who did the swim this year! Hope ye all enjoyed it and didn't get the 'flu after it!

  5. excellent story, rachael. from sheena.


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