Friday, January 21, 2011

Sallyfort Farm In Stradbally.

On the Wednesday before Christmas we went to Sallyfort Farm. We went in and there were two bouncy castles, a slide one and crayon one. 6th class' favourite was the crayon one. We played on the bouncy castles for a while and soon afterwards went into Santa and got a packet of crisps (Tayto)with a drink. We went back on the bouncy castles and went out to the animals. There were donkeys, goats, Shetland ponies and birds. Up the field there were deer, ducks, swings and slides. And that was our visit to Sallyfort Farm. (Special thanks to Dermot.
Pupils from 3rd and 4th Class With Santa At Sallyfort
Posted by K.H, Senior classes


  1. That story is very good. Dermot is very nice. I would recomend it to everyone. It was such fun!!!!! :)

  2. Oh my god I love your story it's really good.

  3. I love the story and the picture!


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