Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Drama with Miss Hogan

We are doing Annie as our main play in school and 3 small plays. Rachael~Annie, Chloe~Mrs. Hanigan, Louise~Molly, Abby~Pepper, Kayleigh~Duffy, Clodagh~ July, Áine and Anna~ Tessie, Rebekah~Kate, Katelynn~Narrator, Taylor~Narrator. This story is mainly about Molly waking up at night and having a dream about having a mother and father. Annie comes in and makes her feel a bit better. Rachael sings a solo.

Backstage Bedlam.
This play is all 6th class and 2 third class. Rachael~Nervous, Chloe~Smart, Silly~Clodagh+Áine, Agitated~Rebekah, Terrified~Kayleigh, Cool and collected~Katelynn, Assertive~Emily+Lousie. This is about people forgetting their lines and they have to go out on stage without props and not knowing their lines. 

Maggie and Molly.
Taylor is Maggie, and Abby is Molly. This is a comedy. This is a conversation between 2 old women. Maggie was afraid to put her hand in the machine and she was pressing all different buttons but she couldn't see because she left her reading classes at home.

In Andrew there are 4 teachers and 6 Andrews. Andrew is Opening the show and he is being very sarcastic.

Time and venue to be decided.


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