Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Science In Stradbally

We had our Science Day on the 15th of April, this year. All of the pupils in the school had projects to work on to make this day spectacular. Mrs Crowey’s students, ( Juniors and Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd class) Worked on their science projects and it was all on display down in their classroom on the day. Mr de Burca’s students (3rd to 6th class), also did science projects and their experiments were being done in their classroom and posters were displayed everywhere! People came into the school to see all these experiments and projects. The local schools of Stradbally came too. There were some amazing experiments like: The erupting Volcano, The red cabbage experiment, Creeping Colours, Salt Water and Normal Water showing that eggs can float in one and not the other, and many more things. The teachers took pictures and the students made descriptions of their projects and they were all sent off in a folder. There will be people judging the work and looking at it and if they think the school has done a lot of good work and interesting experiments, we may get the science award.. Again! Which the school would be honoured to have! We hope everybody had a fantastic day as all of our teachers and pupils did!

Posted by RM, Senior Classes.

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