Friday, October 7, 2011

Learning about Weather

Ireland has a temperate climate. A temperate climate means that we get warm summers and cool winters. The saddest thing is that we get rain every day and almost no sun. When the air is hot it goes up. This is basically how wind is made. The wind is called after the way it blows from. The way the wind blows mostly is called the prevailing wind. It blows mostly from the south in Ireland. We measure how strong the wind is using an anemometer. About 200 years ago there was a scale called the Beaufort scale. It was invented by a man called Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort. 

f1 light air
f2 a light breeze
f3 a gental breeze 
f4 a moderate breeze
f5 a fresh breeze 
f6 a strong breze
f7 a high wind 
f8 a gale
f9 a strong gale
f10 a whole gale
f11 a storm
f12 a hurricane

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