Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Learning about Weather

I heard in school this week and over the last couple of weeks that hurricane winds can be up to 125kph. That could blow a roof off a house. The Beaufort scale goes up to 12 and if was to go to 12 I would pack my bags and go. And I heard that tall buildings need a lightning conductor and if they don’t the building is going to get hit by it.
Drought is caused by little or no rain fall and some of the animals can die without water and if there is no rain food can’t grow and if there is no food the animals will die. In Ireland in the winter it is cool and in the summer it is warm, if lightining strikes never go under a tree or go near a window or never put up an umbrella. That is all I learned in this chapter.

Written by A.D.
Illustration by A.D.

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