Friday, January 13, 2012

Curiosity Did NOT Kill the Cat

Lasy Monday I went into school and my teacher said to the class that Little Red Kettle is coming on Wednesday. I was so excited. Everyone was excited because we all love Little Red Kettle. They have come to our school every year for the past four years. I don't know why they called it Little Red Kettle. It has nothing to do with a red kettle. They put on a show for us and we got to be in the show. We would put up our hand to be in the show and they would pick a few people and dress them up. For example I was a person from the Stone Age, Tara was a dog's brain and Emily was a cat's brain. I know it sounds weird but the show was really funny. The show was about curiosity. If the cave men / women weren't curious about making...lets just say making houses, they would still be in caves and if hadn't been for cave people and I wouldn't be writing this. Stone Age people invented writing, music and art. Anyway we had lots of fun; even the teachers had fun. There were 4 people who set this play up. Their names were Joe, Nick, Lisa and Clare and they called up my teacher to be an old woman. He had to put on a curly grey wig. It was SO funny!!!
Picture below shows Stone age woman (Caroline), Professor Hildebroom von Hinkle-Shtinkle, Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Curious Joe, Nicholas Copernicus, William Shakespeare and Gallileo Gallilei.

Curiosity did NOT kill the cat

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