Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Swallows

The last day of Autumn was over. The big red sun was going down. A tired farmer was walking across the fields. She stopped to look at the swallows. The swallows were hunting for food. Swallows eat lots of flies, and flies were getting hard to find. Soon the swallows will fly across the sea to Africa. Swallows leave Ireland in the Autumn but many other birds stay with us. These birds like to eat berries and seeds. They can live without flies. Blackbirds like to eat the rowan berries. The thush prefers to eat blackberries. Robins love rose hips. Last May, the swallows made their nests in sheds, barns and trees. Now its September and the nests are empty. The baby swallows had left their cosy nests. With long, strong wings they moved across the sky like lighting. Tomorrow, they'll be gone. But next spring they'll return.
(picture copyright Animal Planet)

composed and typed by NG, 5th Class.


  1. I can't wait to see the swallows next year.

  2. I like your story and I like the picture.


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