Friday, October 12, 2012

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus landed in the New World, 1492
Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa. Genoa is in Italy. A few years later he decided to move to Spain. After a few years in Spain Christopher decided to go to Asia. Christopher decided to go the long way to Asia instead of the short. He asked the King and Queen for three ships. The king and Queen gave him three ships called the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The King and Queen hoped that he would bring back beautiful treasures and gold. Christopher set of for his journey in 1492. It was hard to get people to come but in the end he got 90 people to come with him. Some people thought they were going to fall off the world but Christopher did not believe this. After a while people were getting tired but Christopher told them DONT GIVE UP. After a while they thought they had reached Asia but they had not. Then two of the ships broke. On his way back he left some of the men but promised he would be back for them in a year. He brought back beautiful treasures and a while after he figured out he had discovered America.

written by SR, 4th class.

The picture above is copyright. Columbus at Salvador, Dioscuro Tolin (Wikimedia)

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