Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back in Time

After completing an Arts degree in Limerick, I have now decided to apply to do a Postgraduate course in primary teaching. In order to apply I will have to attend and interview both in English and in Irish. A few weeks ago I spent two weeks in Our Lady of Mercy, Stradbally to observe and gain experience in the classroom. Although I have a great deal of experience working with children I had never had much experience in a classroom setting. As a past pupil of the school, I greatly enjoyed my experience and was amazed at the progress the school has made since I left.
On first approaching the school, it was clear that many changes had been made to the school building and the school yard. There were new windows and doors, a soft ground area for the children to play on, and a much needed new car-parking system. I was delighted to see that the mural that I had helped to paint on the wall of the shelter was still there! It was all very impressive.
Throughout the two weeks I gained some very valuable experience in the classroom. I observed Mrs. Crowley, Mrs. O'Riordan and Mr. de Búrca and the methods they used to teach. I was also given the opportunity to take some of my own classes and help with one-to-one reading. I found the work very fulfilling. Huge changes have been made to the primary curriculum since I attended the school. It was great to see that the children are much more involved in their learning process. They spent their lessons asking questions, making projects, and using fun and different resources such as the interactive white board. During my time in the senior classroom, the girls spent a lesson presenting projects which they had obviously worked very hard on. I was amazed at the amount of hard work and enthusiasm that went in to them. Not only did the girls learn a great deal but they also clearly enjoyed themselves in the process.
It was great to spend time in the junior classroom as I had never had much experience working with that age group. The children were all full of life and eager to learn. Mrs. Crowley was great, teaching through song, story-telling and art, making every lesson fun and keeping them interested. It made me realise that a great deal of planning and enthusiasm is needed, especially in the junior classroom as they are so young.
I also got the opportunity to sit into several drama lessons. Every week a lady comes in to take the children for an hour long drama session. I was very impressed by her enthusiasm and the way in which she had the children hanging on every word she said. The lessons were great fun and a great way for the children to express themselves in a different way.
Overall the time I spent at Our Lady of Mercy was a great experience! I really enjoyed every minute of it and am so grateful to both the teachers and the children for having me. The time I spent there has really confirmed my decision to become a primary school teacher, and you never know I could be back again, qualified this time!! 

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  1. Many thanks for that Linda. We were delighted to have you with us!


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