Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Science Pops in Stradbally

It was a Monday when I saw the experiment on television. It was on a programme called "When Science Pops". Then on Friday, having asked the teacher, I did it in school for the class. What you need for it is:
  • a small glass bottle 
  • two small birthday candles 
  • a hard-boiled egg 
  • some matches
Hard Boiled Egg Explosion

First you peel the egg and stick the candles in the egg. Now you light the candles and put the glass over them. Then the egg started to suck up and soon it exploded by being sucked into the bottle. It is important that the neck of the bottle is NARROWER than the egg. We all got a fright and thought that it would work. If you want to give it a go make sure you have an adult with you..!!!
Posted by CF, Senior Classes. Linked to science, performed under supervision.


  1. that was fun hahaha..!!! i would rekimend it to everyone..!!

  2. POP POP POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS FUN I WAS THERE!


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