Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Lady of Mercy "Timber Art"?

Painted on MDF Board, Christmas 2010

I am doing a board painting with Taylor. It is a bobble hanging from a Christmas tree. It is really colourful and it has glitter in the middle. Taylor was so funny, she made lots of of mistakes like painting the Christmas tree PINK! We had some fun. It will take a day or two. When it is done we will hang it on the wall in the hall in the school.
Posted by AD and TF, Senior Classes. Linked to art lesson.


  1. A chailíní, tá an pictiúr seo go h-iontach! Maith sibh! (An múinteoir)

  2. Well Done Anna and Taylor great work! :) Rachael

  3. The pictures which are displayed in the hall of the school are really very good - well done to everyone who painted them - there are obviously lots of talented pupils in Our Lady of Mercy School.

  4. I love that picture it`s very good.


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