Monday, January 31, 2011

Birdfeeding During Harsh Winter in Stradbally

Smaller Pupils Being Supervised While Filling Birdfeeders
A couple of weeks ago, the school ordered some bird feeders. We fill them weekly. We feed them with a special kind of monkey nut. Humans could not eat them or else they would be very sick. There are four (4) bird feeders. One is hanging from a branch of the tree, another is by the zebra crossing and the last two are on the bank. One day we saw a black cat in the yard by the drop-off box. The next day we saw a dead bird that the cat killed. We had to move a bird feeder because the cat was hiding behind the wall and scaring the little cute birdies. The cat has not come back since we moved the bird feeder. It is very important that we feed the birds through this cold season. 
Posted by R.M, N.G, Z.K, Senior Classes.
Let's Feed The Birds This Winter


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