Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bit Of Luck With The Internet!

The school always had internet but it was never ever that fast. First we had the satellite and we were getting our internet access from Dublin but it wasn't working properly and it was very frustrating. Then we moved over to the Vodafone stick but it was still quite slow as we were the furthest away from Clonmel ( That's where we were getting it from ) and by the time it got to the school it was very weak. A few of the girls in the class were recommending the 3connect Broadband stick but then the teacher called a man and he worked with a company in New York! We all went on the internet and it was really fast! We all thought it was brilliant!! The teachers are delighted too! Now the pupils can go and play games and even some can talk to their penpals in Poland!!! Hopefully the internet stays and there wont be any problems again!
Posted by RM, Senior Classes.

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