Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stradbally Variety Show 2011

On the 16th of June we had our Variety Show in the Barron Hall. Lots of people attended. To start it off Mr. de Burca said a few words and then Rebekah came out and introduced Backstage Bedlam. All 6th class and Louise and Emily were in the sketch. Backstage Bedlam is about 7 people who are expressing different emotions before they go on stage. After that Anna came out and introduced Louder by Roger Mc Gough. Third and fourth class, Sarah, Kate and Anna were all in that. That was about teachers and pupils having an argument. After that Kayleigh came out and introduced Maggie and Mollie. Taylor and Abby were in that. Maggie and Mollie is about two old ladies taking about an experience one of them had in the bank. Then all the people that are in the older classes went through the audience and got changed into there orphan clothes for Annie. While we were getting changed the 1st Babies, 2nd Babies, First Class and 2nd Class performed an extract from the musical The Wizard Of Oz. Áine and Clodaigh introduced that. After The Wizard Of Oz we had our interval and the Parents Association went to sell some raffle tickets. After the interval the older classes performed an extract from the musical Annie. After that, we had our raffle. There were lots of prizes. After that, on behalf of the Parents Association and the pupils at the school, Gaye, Bernie Louise and Chloe presented Aileen and Lisa with a bouquet of flowers. It was a lovely show and the turn out was fantastic. A special thanks to the Parents Association, the people who let us use the Barron Hall, the audience for turning up and last but not least a big thank you to Aileen Hogan and Lisa Meany.
Typed by R.M, Senior Classes.

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