Friday, September 16, 2011

Jesus Picks His Helpers

One day Jesus went to the Sea of Galilee. People surrounded him to listen to the word of God. When he was done talking to the people He said to Simon to move the boat out to the deeper waters and put out the fishing net. Simon didn't know what to do. He said to Jesus: "But we have been fishing all night and we caught nothing". Jesus just looked at him, and for no reason Simon said "Fine, I will put out the net for you". It was just like Jesus knew something that Simon didn't. Pretty soon the net was overflowing with fish. Simon was amazed. He said to Jesus: "Go away. I am sinful". And Jesus replied: "Don't be afraid. From now on I want you to fish for people and bring them to God."
Written by TF. Published by TF and AD (Webmaster)

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