Friday, September 30, 2011


One day I woke up. I heard birds singing. Then my dog Barney came in and jumped on my bed. He always annoys me. So I had to get up because he wouldn't stop barking. The reason his name is Barney is because when I first got him, I came home and switched on the T.V but he turned it over to a show called Barney. When I switched over he started barking, so I switched it back.
“Stop barking Barney, I'm getting dressed”, I said. I finshed getting dressed and went down stairs. I fed Barney, hopefully he would stop barking for a few minutes. I had my breakfast and then I got my coat, I got Barney's lead. He came running to me when he had seen me pick it up. I got the keys to lock the door. We started walking. It was a Saturday. I always take Barney for a walk on Saturdays. On the way to the beach Barney saw a cat. It was a black cat. Barney started chasing after the cat. He ran across the road. I was still holding the lead and running with him. He kept running until..... splat. I fell into a big puddle of mud. Barney soon lost the black cat. He came back to me. I was a mess. My lovely purple dress was destroyed, runied. It went from purple to brown. I was furious but I didn't hurt Barney...I wouldn't.
I needed peace. With Barney I had no peace. So I asked my sister Alice to take care of Barney for a while and she said yeah. So I went home with Barney barking all the way. When I got home I took a shower, gave Barney a bath and I got dressed. I wore a green tshirt and jeans because I didn't want to show all the cuts on my legs. I got hold of Barney because he lost his lead. I got into the car. We had to stop at the pet shop to get dog food and a lead. I couldn't get a pink lead because Barney hates the colour pink, so I got a blue one with green spots. When I got back to the car Barney was there in the car barking like mad. The window opened a little bit. The people living around complained. I said I was very sorry and I drove off to Alice's house. I made sure I closed all the windows. We arrived at Alice's house and went in. Alice offered me a cup of tea. I said yes please. I sat down beside Alice. We saw Barney running into the garden and we followed him. He was digging holes everywhere in the garden looking for the right place to put his bone. I said I was very very sorry. She was still mad. So I said I would buy her those lovely shoes she liked. Then I said my goodbyes and went home in the car. I got home and switched on the kettle. After thet I switched on the t.v. There was nothing on t.v. I didn't want to watch anything but Barney. I just switched off the TV. When the kettle was boiled my tea didn't taste nice without Barney, so I got my coat and my keys. I went over to Alice's house to get Barney because I missed him. I arrived at Alice's house and I went in.
I couldn't stand another minute without him. Maybe he does drive me up the wall sometimes but he will always love me. He will always be my favourite pet, so I took him home with me. When we got home we sat down. We were watching Barney on tv, Barney's favourite show. We went to bed after that and I heard Barney snoring loudly. Oh, I still need to get those lovely shoes for Alice I promised her.
Written by TKW, 5th class. Published by TF and AD (Webmasters)


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