Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Day of the Ride

It all started yesterday morning at 7:30am when I got up and got dressed. I put on my boots and headed for the farm. When we got to the farm my dad and I started feeding all the horses and ponies. We got all the horses into the walker for their exercises. Dad and I started cleaning out all the horses. I hayed all the horses for my dad. We got the ponies out and I started to brush and plait my pony. We had everything ready for the big ride. Dad got the lorry ready, we put the horses in and headed for Kilrossanty where the ride started. We trotted up and down hills for one hour and eventually we arrived at Mahon Falls. We all got our horses to rest. Sandwiches and tea were given out to all the riders. We all got ready and all headed for home. It was a long wet ride down the mountain, but it was great fun. We made it back to the lorry. The ride was over. So we loaded the ponies and headed for home to put the ponies to bed. It was the best day of my life.
Written by AD, 6th class.


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