Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween and Fire Safety and Egypt


It will be Halloween soon. We will be getting our holidays soon. I do not know what I will dress up as. Halloween is in October. We have one week for our holidays. There are lots of things to dress up as. I do not know what I will dress up as. I will go trick or treating in Stradbally. Last year I got lots of sweets. I go with my friends. It will be Halloween soon. It would be nice to have a Halloween party. I have been going trick or treating for 9 years. This will be my 10th year going. Some people put up decorations at their house. We will put up some too. There will be lots of people going this year. There are lots of people going every year. I go every year and I will go this year for 2012. I will go next year too. Tricia and Sarah will go. My friends will go. Lots of shops have Halloween things in. I think Halloween is in two weeks. I like Halloween, I will get a pumpkin. Lots of people will get a pumpkin. Pumpkins are in shops now. Lots of people got costumes, I do not have mine yet. Do you like Halloween? Lots of people like Halloween. Halloween is fun, lots more fun than school. Lots of people would like it better than school. “I love Halloween”.

written by AF, 4th class.

Halloween Night.

Halloween night me and my friends were getting ready to go trick or treating. It was getting dark so we headed off. We were coming to a huge house. It had a big long driveway and it was pitch black. There wasn’t a light to be seen. We went up to the door. We were about to knock when suddenly the door opened but there was no-one behind it. We thought someone was playing tricks on us so we went in. Suddenly the door closed. We tried to open it but it was locked. We got an awful fright. We couldn’t see where we were going but we could hear noises. I felt something tap my back but there was no-one there. We carried on trying to find a way out. Suddenly the front door opened. We all ran out. That night when we got home we told my mother the story. She said the same thing happened to her when she was a little girl. From then on we never went near that house again. 20 years later a man and woman moved into the house. One night a couple were walking past and they heard a scream. They were never to be seen again. Some say they are still in there trying to find their way out.

written by KMG, 4th class

Extraordinary Egypt

The capital of Egypt is Cairo. Egypt is in Africa. Africa is the second largest of the Earth’s seven continents. In Africa there is the Sahara Desert, the world’s biggest desert with more sand than anything else. In Africa ther is also the world’s longest river, the Nile. The highest mountain in Egypt is Mount Katerin. Egypt has some of the oldest buildings and monuments on Earth. Like the three large triangular buildings called the Great Pyramids, built by the Kings of Egypt called Pharaohs. In Egypt it is mostly desert land with tall hills of rolling smooth win-blowing sand. The language they speak in Egypt is Arabic. Egypt is about twice the size of Spain. Egypt has around eighty million people. The currency they use in Egypt is Egyptian pounds. The first sailing boats were built in Egypt. There are two kinds of constructions to pyramids, step pyramids and through pyramids. The Egyptians were the inventors of the earliest calendar. Egypt Suez Canal is a man-made river that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. The first canal in Egypt was built as early as 500 BC.

written by TK, 6th class

Fire Safety At Home

You shouldn’t smoke when you are in bed or tired as it is very dangerous. It is also very dangerous when you leave candles burning when no-one is in the room, it could cause a fire. You must remember to turn off all electrical things. Always put up the guard in front of the fire place. (If you don’t a spark could cause a fire). Don’t use fireworks, only experts are allowed to use them. You must have a fire alarm in your house and you should check about every 6 months to see if the batteries are working. If there is a fire and you have to get people out of the house you could close the door where the fire is coming out off and block the bottom with towels or blankets to stop the smoke from getting in. If there is a fire you should call 999 or 112, when they answer you ask for the fire service, then speak calmly and clearly so they can hear you. Give your address and phone number if you are calling on your mobile say which county you are in.

· On average 46 people die each year in fires in Ireland
· Fires do not always happen to other people
· The next fire could be in your home
· Over 1,000 people every year attend casualty with burns or scald injuries.
Remember Call 999 or 112 if in danger.
written by ZK, 5th class.

uploaded by webmasters NG and ZK


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