Monday, October 22, 2012

Working with Maths Shapes

Tangalo is a German game of shapes and numbers. There are seven different shapes and there are lots of pictures to put the shapes in. There is a box with all the shapes in it and you can take them out to play the game.  It involves teamwork because two people do it at a time.  Sometimes, there is one extra picture with five shapes needed instead of a small number like two or three. When   you take the shapes out of the picture that they are in, you lift it up and turn it upside down so that when you are finished the game and you turn them the right way around they are in the same order  facing the right way.  Because it is German, all the words are in that language.  It is also a colourful game that gives some education about shapes and how two small shapes can make one big shape. The pictures are made out of cardboard and in order to put the right shapes in the right places, you need to use your brain! It usually takes five or ten minutes to play. There are two sets of it: one is brown and one is white but the thing is you don’t keep the shapes in the picture you use so instead you use them over and over again! Sometimes there is a bit of space left over in the pictures but that’s only so it won’t be hard to take out.   
Written by OMA, 4th class.

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