Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elves on Christmas Eve

On the 24th Dec 9:00 Jim Marco and John were in a rush. They were not very organised. All the other elves hated them. Jim Marco and John wanted to show them that they were not absolutely dumb.

‘Jim…Jim!’ shouted an elf called Joline. ‘One of the bulbs of the fairy lights is gone!’ Jim called his two brothers and they went to change the bulb. John suggested that they should stack themselves up so they could reach the bulb. When Jim went to the top of their stack he lost his balance and fell. 
As he fell, an important piece of paper fell out of his pocket. It was Santa's sleigh license.

‘Oh no!’ Said Santa when he found his wallet empty. ‘I gave that little rat my license to go and get it laminated and he lost it!’ He charged into the elf camp. Jim Marco and John never got told off like this before. ‘I cant drive my sleigh now!’ said Santa. ‘you are not to work until It is found!’ Jim, Marco and John looked everywhere.

Just as they were going to give up, a voice from behind them said: ‘You looking for this?’ They turned around to see Joline holding the license. ‘Give it back!’ Said Marco. ‘Oh I will, if you promise to be more careful.’ ‘We will!!!’ They said in unison. From then on, the three of them became the most organised elves in the North Pole. 
By Emily M


  1. I'm so happy that the licence was found - now the children can all look forward to Christmas morning!

  2. Well done, very funny.


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