Tuesday, December 11, 2012

School Mix Up

One day I went to school, but this was my new school and it wasn’t an ordinary school it was called: Mix Up N.S. So here I was standing in the front door of the school. It looked so shiny and new. I heard a child my age shout ‘Line up’. I thought she meant us, but then I saw all the adults lining up. So in this school the children are in charge of the adults. I was then introduced to the other children, and instantly I made friends with a tall, beautiful girl. Her name was Betty.

Now I live here and teach adults. It’s so much fun. I get to give grades. The adults live in the school building and me and the children live in a mansion at the top of the hill. Now it feels normal to boss around adults. 
By Emily R, 4th  class

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