Friday, December 14, 2012

Robot Pupils in Stradbally!

Yesterday was nearly the last day of my life. I had to supervise the junior and senior classes because their teacher, Mrs Crowley went home sick. They might have sounded harmless but they were far from it.

I walked into the classroom with my best friend Emily. They were working quietly, but when I accidentally banged the door they all stopped working and looked at us with their big red eyes. We knew at that moment that they had turned evil. They got up off their seats and tried to attack us. We tried to open the door but it was jammed. What could we do now? We tried to put soap on them from the sink in their classroom but the soap ended up all over Emily and I. We thought that they were vampire children but they were robot children. The robot children got sharp pencils and started to throw them at us. Then they tried to throw paint at us. I shouted so people would hear us but nobody did.

They were coming nearer and nearer to us. It was really frightening. Suddenly there was a knock on the window, it was the sub teacher. The robot children ran straight back to their seats. Emily and I made a deal that we would never ever to into that classroom again!
written by S.MG., 5th class

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