Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Lady of Mercy Visit W.I.T.

About two eeeks ago we went to Waterford Institute of Technology. It was a big college. We left the school at 8.30am. nice and early. We learned all about colour. The lady showed us all experiments and she was highly intelligent. We got into groups. Here are all the groups:
Group 1: Anna, Taylor, Sarah and Kate.
Group 2: Abby, Rachael, Kayleigh and Chloe
Group 3: Natasha, Louise and Rebekah.
Group 4: Clodagh, Áine and Katelynn.
Group 5: Tara, Emily, Sheena and Zoe.

We did some experiments and here they are:
  1. We dipped black paper in water with clear nail varnish and all the colours of the rainbow came on to the black paper.
  2. We got cabbage juice, bread soda and mouthwash. We dipped special paper into each of them. If you pick mouthwash you get a base and if you pick bread soda you get an acid.
  3. We got crepe paper, two markers and drew a picture. After a short while we put the paper in water and the colours blurred.
  4. We got a bowl of milk, washing up liquid and a sucker. We then got colour dye. We got the sucker and put dye in each corner of the milk. We put washing up liquid in the bowl and all the colours came together.
My favourite part was number 3. Posted by A.D, Senior Classes

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